About us

Visual Plus Corporation is a company based in Europe’s heart and central point, Brussels in Belgium. The company specialises in manufacturing mechanical and electronic locking products and access control systems.

By the intervention of international agreements established for many years, it benefits of several hi-tech research and developments branches worldwide where numerous innovative products, often patented worldwide, were developed.

Also, because of a 25 years partnership, our company manages modern factories in India, China and Japan following strict international norms.

Visual Plus Corporation is very meticulous and prioritises the development of new products with requested modern and innovative design while keeping an impeccable manufacturing method and quality.

The 21st century brought progressively a new generation of decision makers within the company who have decided to build a distribution network in every continent through solid and efficient commercial agreements.

Finally, we dispose of a large stock of products held in a modern and dynamic logistic centre. We also provide a help-desk bringing a precise, fast and multilingual technical and commercial assistance to all our distributors wherever they are in the world.