IGEW 5700S      
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Mounting surface
Holding force real tested (+/- 5%) ~5400N / ~1200lbf / ~540kgf
Voltage 12/24 VDC
Current 500/260mA
Locking Monitoring Large shaped LED for long distance status + Relay
Door Position Monitoring No
Intelligent Early Warning Alarm EW maglock fitted with pressure sensors allowing to detect
a push or traction creating an alarm before access forced opened
Local Alarm Relay + Buzzer
Alarm monitoring (distant alarm) Relay
Integrated built-in smart IC Yes (intelligent PCB circuit for door management)
Integrated Buzzer (90db) Triggered and active on local (intermittent) and distant alarm (continue)
Integrated CCTV colour camera No
Adjustable Internal Timer Yes
Sizes: LxWxH 274 x 53 x 73mm
Weight ~ 5 kgs
Corrosion proof 100% ISO tested - Saline Fog test at 35% during 96 hours
NO Magnetism Residual  No need of Armature Plate Spring Push Button to release magnet
Built-In MOV Surge Protection Yes
Z+L Bracket Not available for IGEW5700 series
Warranty 10 years
The new clever electro-magnet for exit and/or security doors