IGEW 5700CS      
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Mounting surface
Holding force real tested (+/- 5%) ~2430N / ~545lbf / ~243kgf
Voltage 12/24 VDC
Current 500/260mA
Locking Monitoring Large shaped LED for long distance status + Relay
Door Position Monitoring No
IntelligentEarly Warning Alarm EW maglock fitted with pressure sensors allowing to detect
a push or traction creating an alarm before access forced opened
Local Alarm Relay + Buzzer
Alarm monitoring (distant alarm) Relay
Integrated built-in smart IC Yes (intelligent PCB circuit for door management)
Integrated Buzzer (90db) Triggered and active on local (intermittent) and distant alarm (continue)
Integrated CCTV colour camera Yes - On when alarm monitoring activated 
Adjustable Internal Timer Yes
Sizes: LxWxH 355 x 53 x 73mm
Weight ~ 5 kgs
Corrosion proof 100% ISO tested - Saline Fog test at 35% during 96 hours
NO Magnetism Residual  No need of Armature Plate Spring Push Button to release magnet
Built-In MOV Surge Protection Yes
Z+L Bracket Not available for IGEW5700 series
Warranty 10 years
The most advanced electro-magnet, with built-in CCTV, speech processor, alarm buzzer and pressure sensors for a complete access control system.