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DINRTT is remote relay control unit for the DINB100-SA and B100-SA biometric reader. If secure installation is needed, the biometric reader can be connected to remote relay unit at secured area, which also plays the role of exit push button. It has two relay outputs and two exit button inputs.

Mounting DIN flush mount
Housing ABS
Colour Silver, Red, Green, Dark Grey, Blue, White
Output 2 x Relay (2A/24V AC/DC)
Push Button Input 2
Door Time Pulse (1 to 60sec) or Toggle (ON/OFF)
Backlight ON/OFF Yes
Buzzer ON/OFF Yes
Current Consumption 60 mA
Power supply 9-14V DC
IP Factor IP40 (indoor use only)
Operating Temperature -20C to +50C
Dimensions (mm) 80 x 80 x 9