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B100-SA is a simple one-door standalone biometric system (or two doors if combined with the DINRTT). The programming is fast and easy. The reader can store up to 100 finger templates (97 users and 3 administrators). It has one relay output and one exit button input. If secure installation is needed, the reader can be connected to a remote relay unit in the secured area (RTT or DINRTT), which also plays the role of an exit push button. The complete setup and programming can be done only by scrolling and tapping on the sensor.

Mounting Surface mount
Housing Moulded Aluminium
Colour Silver, Red, Green, Dark Grey, Blue, White
Fingerprint Capacity 97 + 3 templates
Output 1 x Relay (1 A /24V AC/DC)
Push Button Input Yes
Door Open Time Pulse (1 to 60sec) or Toggle(ON/OFF)
Entry Mode Finger
Programming By scrolling and tapping on the sensor
Master/Admin Fingers 1 Master and 2 Admin Fingers
Image resolution Up to 508 DPI
Backlight ON/OFF Yes
Buzzer ON/OFF Yes
Firmware upgrade via RS485 converter and windows application
Current Consumption 100 mA max.
Power Supply 9-14 V DC
Indication Tricolor Status LED and 4 x Programming LEDs
IP Factor IP65
Storage/Operating Temperature -20C to +50C
Storage/Operating Humidity 5% to 93% RH without condensation
Dimensions (mm) 92x51x25