DIN Range

The DINPAD is part of the DIN range offering the opportunity to create your own flush mount reader and combine it with 6 different colours covers available.

Mini Metal Range
  The MTPAD is one of the Mini Metal Range reader. This range offers unique features like the same aesthetic compact housing appearance and different colours choices suitable for any environment.
Slim & Vandal Keypads
  Mullion and vandal-resistant access control keypad with metal keys for doorframe mounting (Inox99) y zamak keys (VKP99).
EX5 & EX7 Keypads
  EX5 and EX7 keypads are designed to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Their keypads are available with backlit metallic/plastic keys and in variety of plastic or metal housing options. These keypads offer elegant looks with a host of programmable options such
as backlit keys, 99 users, invalid code lockout, 2 pushbuttons, adjustable unlock timer etc.