DIN Range

The DINPAD-M is part of the DIN range offering the opportunity to create your own flush mount reader and combine it with 6 different colours covers available.

Mini Metal Range
  The MTPAD-M is one of the Mini Metal Range reader. This range offers unique features like the same aesthetic compact housing appearance and different colours choices suitable for any environment.
Slim & Vandal Keypads
  Mullion and vandal-resistant access control keypads with metal keys for doorframe mounting (Inox) y zamak keys (VKP) They are compatible to third party access control systems with selectable protocols (CODIX, WIEGAND 26 or 30 bit and CLOCK & DATA). Protocol is set directly from the keypad to conform with the Host's specifications.
LCS2 Keypads
  LCS2 is a multi-protocol reader with backlit keys that needs to be connected to a Host. Functions as a slave connected to a Host or Master unit.
Wiegand 26, 30, 34, 40 bit, Data/Clock or CODIX protocol can be set from the keypad. Interchangeable housings available in various colors. Surface or flush mounted.